With a vision to be the “First Choice, First Called” by the E&P industry for open water response, CGA provides a means for all member companies to have access to quality response equipment and personnel.

Mechanical Recovery
High Volume Open Sea Skimming System (HOSS)
  • First Purpose Built Offshore Well Blowout Skimming System
  • Equipped with Aptomar SECurus Integrated Oil detection system
KOSEQ Skimming Arms
  • Dutch High Seas Skimming System
  • Developed, Constructed and Refined for over 46 Years
  • Used during Sea Empress, Erika, Prestige & MC-252 Oil Spills
  • Offshore System Effective in 10 ft. seas
  • Deployable on 200’ or larger Petroleum Industry Dedicated Vessels
Insitu Burn Capabilities Elastec Hydo-Fire Boom
  • Most Effective Fire Boom during MC-252
  • Can withstand 12-16 burns
  • 4-hour Aerial Dispersant Response anywhere in the Gulf of Mexico
  • BT-67 Basler is a modern Purpose Built Dispersant Spray Aircraft for operation in the U.S.
  • “No Strings Attached” Dispersant Stockpile
Offshore Containment
55,000 feet of 43" Offshore Boom Barge
  • Tactical Skimming Direction
  • Pre-loaded & Equipped with 25,000 ft of 43” offshore boom
  • Equipped with deployment and retrieval systems
Offshore Surveillance
  • Tactical Skimming Direction
  • Cessna CJ3 Citation- 2,000-mile range
  • Unmanned Aerial Surveillance Systems

Company Drills & Training

  • Provide technical response expertise during company drills for on-water oil spill response
  • Provide “Federal On Scene Coordinator” for company drills
  • Provide technical response expertise to assist members with oil spill response planning efforts

BSEE Support - Equipment & Personnel Training Documentation

  • Company Spill Response Team Training (SROT) - Provide training on CGA equipment capabilities for BSEE credit
  • BSEE Equipment Drills - Conduct CGA equipment deployment drills for membership BSEE Credit
  • BSEE Equipment Inspections Support - Maintain documentation for response equipment, personnel training and drills for CGA personnel and equipment
  • Preferred Response Organizations “PRO’s” program - Provide hands-on training of CGA equipment to Oil Spill Response Organization (OSRO) groups throughout the Gulf.