Since 1972, we’ve distinguished ourselves not just with the diversity of our past performance, but by the quality of the work performed for each and every incident whatever the location or circumstances. What most defines our extensive portfolio is the collective effort of the industry professionals with our staffing affiliate, Clean Gulf Associates services. Their superior skill and tireless dedication have allowed us to continuously deliver the value and return on investment our members should always expect.

Samples of our relevant past performance are provided below.

Breton Sound Platform Fire

In May 2015, a platform caught on fire off the coast of Venice due to a faulty compressor located near the facilities storage tanks.

Houston Ship Channel Spill

In March 2014, a barge carrying some 900,000 gallons of oil collided with a ship in the busy Houston Ship Channel and leaked as much as a quarter of its cargo in the waterway. Coast Guard officials said that up to 168,000 gallons were dumped, and that oil from the ruptured barge had been detected 12 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. The Galveston Island Fast Response Vessel was on scene for a number of days assisting in the cleanup.

South Timbalier 220 Well Blowout

In July 2013, a fire broke out on a jack-up drilling rig. Operators were unsure if it remained on fire (flame was not visible). We were able to determine that there was a gas fire.

West Delta 32 Incident

In November 2012, an explosion occurred on a West Delta platform about 25 miles southeast of Grand Isle, LA.  This is what the Oil Detection Radar picked up from the H.I. RICH.
The White area to the upper right side of the screen is the oil platform. The dark area in the center of the screen is sheen that we saw on the oil detection radar. Counting the rings we can accurately determine the sheen was 4nm long and less than 1nm wide moving from a North to South direction.  We are able to see with this radar image that there is nothing coming from the platform itself. This could have been oil leaking from debris from the incident. No recoverable product was seen at any time in this area. This sheen was so very light that not even sorbents could have been effective.

Deepwater Horizon

In April 2010, CGA responded with every asset to the nationally significant Deepwater Horizon blowout in Mississippi Canyon Block 252.  CGA resources were on scene for more than three months.

DM 932 Barge Spill

In July 2008, the tanker Tintomara struck the towboat Mel Oliver and tank barge DM 932, spilling more than 9,000 barrels of oil into the Mississippi River in Downtown New Orleans.  The HOSS Barge along with two Fast Response vessels assisted with recovery operations.

Bayou Perot

In January 2007, a towboat struck a well resulting in a blowout of more than 8,000 barrels of crude oil. The CGA HOSS barge along with the Fast Response Vessels Grand Bay and R.W. Armstrong helped to recover more than 2000 barrels of oil.